Tuesdays Treasure Trove…late sorry!!

Autumn is upon us as we speak!  For the next few months  I am devoting all of my postings to this season.  For it is a fabulous season that deserves all of the attention and respect it can get.  Today’s treasure trove will be all about the gorgeous autumn finds that you can wear from some amazing Etsy shops.  Take a look and see what I mean by gorgeous!

Fall In Love - Silk Rosette Headband Retro/Vintage Style - FALL 2010 Collection

This is an amazing silk rosette headband made by Frosting Couture Shop’s Fall Collection, they can be found on Etsy.  The rosettes are attached to a thin flexible metal headband that are sure to be comfortable and add pizzazz to any Fall outfit!  Please go check out their shop and see for yourself the other great things they have to offer.

Autumn Acorn and Oak Leaf Necklace

Here we have this delicate Acorn and Oak Leaf necklace with a fine silver plated chain 18” long.  The focal part of this piece is the stunning deep chestnut brown faceted glass round that is capped by a curly edged oak leaf in antiqued silver.  Tell me you don’t want this in your jewelry box?  This is a stunning piece of art and Etsy shop Sparkle Peach  out did themselves when they created this.  See what other beautiful pieces they have in their shop.



FABULOUS bag, being somewhat of a bag connoisseur myself, this is a great bag!  I can’t say I would turn down a Coach bag but I love handmade bags because they are unique and not readily available to everyone on the planet!  This bag is just that, unique!  The leaves are painted onto a heavy-weight khaki 100% military cotton fabric and has 9 individual organizer pockets perfect for all the needs a woman has!  Etsy shop IKA Bags worked magic when they created this bag, take look at the other bags in their shop, you are  bound to find one that will work for you!

Chocolate Mousse hand knitted lace shawl


Ok I saved my favorite piece for last..this is one breath taking lacey shawl!  The amount of work that went into this is to be commended.  This piece was knitted with an Estonian traditional stitch pattern in a chocolate mousse colored luxurious Italian yarn.  That is as light as air and sure to be very soft and warm.  Etsy shop Dagny Knit has a special talent that was worth sharing with everyone, see for yourself the delicate work they do. 

That is all for today, please check back next week to see what treasures I have discovered for you to ooo and ahh over!


About jcbdesignstudio

We here at JCB Design Studio LOVE to make things that make people happy, but at the same time we like to make sure that they are useful as well. Right now in our shop we are selling handmade bags and handmade stationary.
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