Is writing letters a thing of the past?

Do you feel that writing letters and sending them via snail mail is a thing of the past?  I myself say NO NO NO to that question!  Everyone loves to receive handwritten letters and notes from a loved one or someone they haven’t heard from in a very long time.  I say that this year we should all take the time to break out the pens, pencils and paper and start your writing engines!!  Get revved up and ready to go with the new year almost upon us.  Here are some great pieces I have discovered while looking through the plentiful items on Zibbet.  Take a look for yourself and see if these inspire you to take your inspirations to paper and write that long awaited letter to a loved one!  I know they will be thoroughly happy!

Now if these don’t inspire you to get out your writing utensils…I just don’t know what will!  Take this challenge and see if you can stick to it, make it your New Years Resolution…to write more handwritten notes or letters to the ones you love this coming new year!


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We here at JCB Design Studio LOVE to make things that make people happy, but at the same time we like to make sure that they are useful as well. Right now in our shop we are selling handmade bags and handmade stationary.
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