Tuesdays Treasure Trove…late sorry!!

Autumn is upon us as we speak!  For the next few months  I am devoting all of my postings to this season.  For it is a fabulous season that deserves all of the attention and respect it can get.  Today’s treasure trove will be all about the gorgeous autumn finds that you can wear from some amazing Etsy shops.  Take a look and see what I mean by gorgeous!

Fall In Love - Silk Rosette Headband Retro/Vintage Style - FALL 2010 Collection

This is an amazing silk rosette headband made by Frosting Couture Shop’s Fall Collection, they can be found on Etsy.  The rosettes are attached to a thin flexible metal headband that are sure to be comfortable and add pizzazz to any Fall outfit!  Please go check out their shop and see for yourself the other great things they have to offer.

Autumn Acorn and Oak Leaf Necklace

Here we have this delicate Acorn and Oak Leaf necklace with a fine silver plated chain 18” long.  The focal part of this piece is the stunning deep chestnut brown faceted glass round that is capped by a curly edged oak leaf in antiqued silver.  Tell me you don’t want this in your jewelry box?  This is a stunning piece of art and Etsy shop Sparkle Peach  out did themselves when they created this.  See what other beautiful pieces they have in their shop.



FABULOUS bag, being somewhat of a bag connoisseur myself, this is a great bag!  I can’t say I would turn down a Coach bag but I love handmade bags because they are unique and not readily available to everyone on the planet!  This bag is just that, unique!  The leaves are painted onto a heavy-weight khaki 100% military cotton fabric and has 9 individual organizer pockets perfect for all the needs a woman has!  Etsy shop IKA Bags worked magic when they created this bag, take look at the other bags in their shop, you are  bound to find one that will work for you!

Chocolate Mousse hand knitted lace shawl


Ok I saved my favorite piece for last..this is one breath taking lacey shawl!  The amount of work that went into this is to be commended.  This piece was knitted with an Estonian traditional stitch pattern in a chocolate mousse colored luxurious Italian yarn.  That is as light as air and sure to be very soft and warm.  Etsy shop Dagny Knit has a special talent that was worth sharing with everyone, see for yourself the delicate work they do. 

That is all for today, please check back next week to see what treasures I have discovered for you to ooo and ahh over!

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Whimsical Wednesdays…

My first featured shop for this weeks Whimsical Wednesday is a fabulous little shop that makes these great pendants.  Keeping with the theme of Autumn for the next few months this shop fits right in.  Take a look at how cute these Autumn and Halloween pendants are, totally adorable! 

Season of Change-Fall Leaves Haunted House Tile Pendant A Batty Night Out
Purple Passion Flower Tile Pendant Fall Splendor Wood Tile Pendant Oh Christmas Tree
Candy Corn Wood Tile Pendant Vintage Happy Halloween Tile Pendant Vintage Halloween Tile Pendant
Next is this great photography shop that has all these rustic images of rocking chairs, old barn doors, cowboy boots and vintage cars.  These images all remind me of Autumn in the sense that they are depicting summer being over and a time seasons changing.  The colors may not be bright and vibrant like the traditional colors we think of as Autumn, but they certainly fit into the category of the season.
Nostalgic Farm House, 8 x 10 Metallic Print Take A Seat, 8 x 10 Metallic Print Rusty Barn Hinge, 8 x 10 Metallic Print
Barbed Wire, 8 x 10 Photograph Bicycle 8 x 10 Photograph Dodge, 8 x 10 Metallic Print
Fallen Cowboy, 8 x 10 Photograph Master Classic 8 x 10 Photograph Window to the Past 8 x 10 Photograph

Miles of Memories on Etsy

Ok this is a short Whimsical Wednesday today, but I hope that you have enjoyed these two fabulous shops from Etsy as much as I have.  Each one brings something different to the table but both are worthy of a second and third look…so go take a look!!

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American Honey is here…


Not all of the line is in the shop yet, but they are on their way…here is a sneak peek at some of them.  Go over to the shop and see what’s there already.



cherry blossom 5 

chrysan bp 2

chrysanthemum a 4

chy blsm wv 5

iris 3

pink vines bp 3


Think Pink is NEXT!  SO EXCITED!!

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Handmade and Vintage Finds!

Unique Odd Shaped Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Set of Two Vintage  Atlas Mason Jars Hanging Lantern or Vase Vintage Quart Size Ball Mason Jar with Ribs Soap Dispenser
Vintage Quart Size Ball Lightning Jar with Bale Pretty Little  Half Pint Mason Jar Soap Dispenser with Reproduction Zinc Lid Very Pretty Vintage Atlas E-Z Seal Lightning Jar
Beautiful Set of Four Vintage Atlas Quart Size Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns/Vases Set of Three Ball Quilted Crystal Mason Jar Soap Dispensers Small Clear Glass Mason Jar Soap Dispenser So Sweet


Never thought I would find a mason jar so beautiful!   I bet these photographs don’t do these jars justice…simply stunning!  I think I’m speechless…honestly.  Go over to Etsy shop Whippoorwheel, and see for yourselves the amazing pieces they have…truly the meaning of a “treasure”!

Come back next week and see what treasure’s I have found!

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Fantastic Friday Finds…

Today’s Fantastic Friday Finds is going to be all about “BACK TO SCHOOL” yes I said it, back to school which for parents is just like saying  woooo hoooo!!  All kidding aside, we all know we love and cherish our babies no matter what they do (even if it is cutting your bed skirt and blaming the cat! yes true story!), so we know that it will take some special things to get them back to school in style and working order.  Take a look at these great Etsy finds I discovered!  You can’t go wrong with handmade!


Insulated Lunch Bag - Back to School Pea Pods

What a great insulated lunch bag from Julie Meyer’s Etsy shop, not only is it insulated but its so fashionable.  Kind of makes me want to go back to school just so I can have one myself!   You should see for yourself all of the great bags she has there, if you don’t see one you like just ask her to make one specifically for you!

believe - a set of 10 washi-coated pencils

I love this idea personally!  These are the greatest pencils, so adorable and they look very sturdy.  I know my daughter would absolutely love them.  Maoiliosa did a great job, you really need to go over to their Etsy shop and see what other great finds are there.  They have more than just pencils!

Polka Dot Canvas Large Backpack

Now here is a useful and stylish backpack.  Who wouldn’t want to carry this around cute backpack?  I know my kids are picky but my daughter would definitely carry this!  Etsy shop Lets Play All Day, out did themselves!  They have such a great array of other fabrics to choose from, there is bound to be something everyone will like.  Go check them out!

Orangey Compostion

Everyone needs a composition book, even me…I can’t live without a notebook of some sort on me at all times.  Kids are no different, this is a definite staple in the back to school supplies.  Etsy shop Red Otter has done a great job with these notebooks, they have a ton of things in their shop just waiting for the right  person to come along and grab them, so go take a look I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

That’s all I have for today’s Fantastic Friday Finds, come back next week and see what else I have found!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Whimsical Wednesday…

Jessica Lei Photography

A Calla Lily - An 8x10 Photographic Art Print - Spring Bulb Collection Dogwood No. 2 - An 8x10 Photographic Print Dogwood No.1  - An 8X10 Photographic Art Print
A Daisy - An 8x10 Photographic Art Print - Flower Thistle and Water -   An 8x10 Fine Art Photographic Print Wild Daisies -  An 8x10 Photographic Print
Muscari - Spring Bulbs Collection - 8x10 photographic print An Iris All In A Row - An 8x10 Fine Art Photographic Print

Take a look at the simply stunning photography of Jessica Lei Photography.  Any of these images can be purchased in her Etsy shop Astral Projections…such amazing work, I think they speak for themselves!


Beautiful and unique OOAK and Limited Edition Attire

Perfectly Peach,,floaty chiffon Vintage-esq capelet simply divine.. Beautiful Grace Kelly...chiffon and knit bolero made to order.. OOAK stunning open knit wedding coat perfect for a fall or Winter wedding..
Vintage trinklets knit and chiffon bolero with a Secret ...OOAK Perfectly Pale and full of Romance..IVORY  chiffon and lace capelet shrug MADE IT ON ETSY FRONT PAGE..Beautiful unique knitted bolero with lace edging..
Simply divine...add your own adornment..The bare chiffon and knitted bolero.. Beautifully elegant Knit and chiffon bolero unique from the U.K... Fabulously sweet darling.. The chiffon and knitted bolero with bespoke PARIS fabric corsage..

Ok can you say beautiful?  These are so gorgeous and very couture pieces..all knit by the designer at Almost Alice Couture.  She does amazing work, you totally need to go check out the other pieces she has in her Etsy shop.

Homemade Soaps And More

Plumeria Hot Process Soap Wedding Cake and Vanilla Scent Soap Chamomile And Lavender Soap
Watermelon Moisturizing Soap Set Of Two Snow Fairy Cupcake Soap Honey Milk Vanilla Soap
Creamy Lavender BB Juniper Breeze Type Soap Set Of 2 Vanilla-Banana Cupcake Soaps

I can almost smell the amazing aroma coming from these great soaps!  How cute are those cupcake soaps?  they look good enough to eat and more than likely smell that way too, but I’m sure they would be better as a soap.  Go over the Nature’s Essence’ Etsy shop and see for yourself the great soaps they have!


Come back next week for another addition of Whimsical Wednesdays and see what else I have discovered!

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Unfortunately Whimsical Wednesday’s this week had to take a sabbatical, so I wanted to post something for everyone to look at so they could do their “ooo’s” and “ahh’s”, so take a look at the absolutely GORGEOUS jewelry by Etsy shop,  One Stone New York.  I am just amazed at the great quality and workmanship that has gone into the making of these pieces of jewelry!  I tell you I don’t understand why every woman in the world doesn’t have a piece of jewelry from this shop.  They are simply pieces of art that you can wear and admire!

One Stone New York

Diamond bezel ring - 4mm (0.23 carats), 14k yellow gold 5mm and 3mm solid gold ring set, 14k yellow gold Wave ring - 14k yellow gold
Natural diamond earrings - 18k gold Diamond bezel ring - 0.23 carats, 14k white gold Wave stacking ring (set of 2), 14K white gold
Emerald bezel ring - 14k yellow gold Herkimer diamond ring, 18k yellow gold Rose cut diamond bezel ring - 18K gold - engagement


Whimsical Wednesday’s will be back next week so come back and check out the fabulous undiscovered shops I found while searching through the wonderful world of Etsy!

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